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How many miles to Babylon?

Three score miles and ten

7 July
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Aloha! Here be a Dannie, lol. I'm a nutty art student who, upon occasion, likes to quote Billy Connolly. I love to sing, dance (but I dance badly, so I usually have to drink a bit first to get up the courage to dance, lol), and have parties at my house (if only for the leftover whipped cream and dessert sauce). I recently got accepted into Cumbria uni so will be moving down there sometime soon!
I'm a person of the alternate persuasion who loves candles, Walkers ready salted crisps, sea shells, Malta, Disney films (especially Lilo and Stitch), Tigger, the giant bumblebee I have called Dumbeldore, writing, going horse-riding, being arty, extensive procrastination (it takes effort if you do it right!), singing really loudly and rather badly and watching DVDs with friends.
I don't like people who are prejudiced, people who hate those who are different, people who force their views on others, and people who judge others before knowing them. Plus marmite. But that's just me.
a knight in camelot, aerosmith, atlantis, billy connolly, blink-182, bon jovi, bowling for soup, christopher beck, clerks ii, collecting, counting crows, cradle of filth, cursed, danny elfman, david bowie, def leppard, del amitri, disney soundtracks, disturbed, dogma, elbow, electric six, elvis presley, eminem, eric clapton, evanescence, finding nemo, franz ferdinand, freddie mercury, gaming., gamma gt, garfield, harry gregson-williams, hercules, his dark materials, his majesties dragon, howard shore, illustrating, jay and silent bob, joe hisaishi, john lennon, kenny g, klaus badelt, korn, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lilo and stitch, linkin park, lord of the rings, marilyn manson, metallica, murderdolls, neil sedaka, nickelback, nightwish, no doubt, nobuo uematsu, painting, papa roach, phantom of the opera, pirates of the carribean, powerman five-thousand, queen, queen of the dammed, quoting, r.e.m, rammstein, reading, road to el dorado, robots, singing, spiderman, spirited away, the abhorsen trilogy, the anita blake series, the beatles, the billy connolly books, the bitten series, the blade movies, the blues brothers, the chronicles of narnia, the dragonriders of pern, the eagles, the eldest books, the emperors new groove, the faerie wars series, the fantastic four, the harry potter movies, the harry potter series, the merry gentry series, the mummy movies, the percy jackson series, the queen betsy series, the rolling stones, the skullduggery plesant series, the tenth kingdom, the twilight saga., the x-men movies, treasure planet, trevor jones., twilight, van helsing, writing