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Four Weeks!

I'm have a phase of using western phrases at the moment. It should pass soon hopefully.
Had a week off this week, used it to do my preliminary university project, which was as about exciting as frozen shite. Apart from that I did nothing whatsoever. Well, not nothing entirely, but nothing I couldn't have done in a working week. I was meant to meet up with Elaine on Thursday and she was going to stay over at mine, but she had to move back in with her mum, give her all of her money and unpack. So, lonesome was me. But I think we're going to do it this week instead :D
I'm rather looking forward to my last week here- and only four week to go until I move down to England!- because my parents are going on holiday the Wednesday before I go to uni- they're going on an Egyptian cruise up the Nile, the bastards- so I was considering having my farewell party on the Wednesday night. The only problem is that people would be at uni and college or work the next day, but we've done that before. My neighbors can't complain about the noise- they're all deaf, which is quite handy if I do say so myself.
And on the Thursday I was going to ask Elaine and Neill if they wanted to come and stay over at mine- have a movie night and snackables. Mostly because that'll be the last time I'll see them for ages, partly because I can't stay in my house by myself at night. I know it's ridiculouss but I can't sleep by myself in my own house- it's over one hundred years old, it creaks and moans during the night and it's got a graveyard behind it- the view from my bedroom window is of it. And I'm a big fearty as it is- I can't even watch horror movies without having nightmares. I don't mind werewolves, vampires or aliens, but psychological and zombie movies scare the shit out of me. Also, stuff like The Ring. The night I watched that I didn't sleep a wink- my tv, at that point, sat directly at the foot of my bed (it wasn't a very big room) and I sat staring at it the whole night. My friends couldn't move for laughing when I told them the next day.
Another movie that scared me to death was Silent Hill, this actually gave me nightmares so bad my mother had to come in and wait until I'd fallen asleep before leaving again. My friend, Ashley, who introduced me to this movie, has never let me live it down. Neither has the rest of my family. So, as a general rule, I stay away from horror. Although I went to see Friday the Thirteenth when it came out in February, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Anyway, moving on from horror movies, 'cause I'm starting to scare myself again, lol, I bought the Dead Until Dark today from HMV. It's the book that the new tv series True Blood came from. I haven't actually watched the show, as I don't have a tv that you can actually watch any channels on (it's a dvd tv only) but I've heard good things so I might buy the series when it comes out on dvd. Or simply watch a few episodes online before deciding if I like it. I can't start reading it yet as I'm halfway through the Northern Lights but I'll get round to it after I've finished the His Dark Materials series.
I'm going to start trying to write more of Danger and Sam(antha) (who has to be renamed due to another character also named Sam (I'd change the male Sam's name but it's central to the plot, so Samantha has to undergo a name-change. If anyone knows any good unisex names please tell me). I've been neglecting it terribly lately. I have to copy it onto my new laptop soon so it saves me taking the notebook down to Cumbria and possibly loosing it en route. That would kill me.
Anyway, I think I'm going to do the off, I'm pretty knackered now.


Yass! Finally got my new MacBook :D . I'm on it the now- it's fabulous. I know a lot of people prefer pc's, but I love my mac :)
Also, got my new tooth fitted, thank God. Going about with a temp was bad enough considering it was bleached white whereas the rest of my teeth are slightly less shiny. I mean, who actually has teeth that white without getting them whitened? Sheesh.
Started talking to my friends again, and hanging out more. Lots of apologies all round. We're all sorted out, which is awesome 'cause I leave for uni five week today.
Moving to uni is a good thing, really, but I'm not relishing the idea of having to move down to England and leave all of my friends and family behind. And I was never very good at making new friends, although I'll have to get along. Also, living on my own cooking? Unless it's pasta or fajitas I'm not very good. Another learning curve.
Going to start my 'homework' project for uni this week since I'm off work. I felt really bad about going on holiday because I've left them really short staffed, but I've had it booked for ages. I know what I'm going to do for the first one- just any recent work'll do for the one- but the second one has to be about either me specifically or an issue I want to use in a painting. I'm not very good at personal paintings.
I just finished reading the second Urban Shaman, which was awesome. Fabulous book and I absolutely adore Joanne and Gary. They're amazing. I'm going to get the second one tomorrow uptown- assuming I can find it.
My new favourite movie of all time is now Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's totally and utterly astounding. The soundtrack is God. And Graverobber is the sexiest man to walk onstage since God-knows when. <3
Anyways, I've got to get onto iTunes and set up my playlists- all twenty-two of them out of three-thousand odd songs. It'll take me the rest of the evening. Joy.


One week on from my first post, and I have now went to my usual dentist to see about getting a proper crown fitted, which, fair enough had to be done. Finding out it's costing me £125 I could have lived without. Plus, SAAS aren't paying for the first two years of my uni course and are only giving me £480 for living costs. It's £70 a week! My parents, God bless them, are gonna be skint from now 'til hell freezes over. And I still have to buy my art supplies and a graphics tablet.
On the plus side, my laptop should be here soon- yay for iBooks! I got my shiny new bank card today, two new nail polishes (sherbet lemon and ninja) and Echos of Time for my DS. I also started reading Men of the Otherworld, and young Clayton is so sweet! Gotta love a tiny southern werewolf :)

First Entry

Wow. First entry. I never know how to start these things off so I'm just gonna go with it.
I've just joined a few communities, added a couple of people who had similar interests and hopefully it'll take off from there.
Hopefully this week I'll have time to write some more of my work-in-progress novel, as of yet untitled. I'll think of a title once I've finished and re-written it.
At the moment I'm reading Nation by Terry Pratchett, and I'm hoping to get a few more of his books this week- I've got all the witches ones apart from Maskerade and I want to get the rest of the Watch books 'cause Vimes is fabulous.
I got a new tooth today, thank God, and hopefully it'll hold up until my usual dentist comes back from holiday, a week today.
No big plans for tonight, going to re-read a few old fics I think, maybe watch the rest of Roswell... Hm...



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